Insights to Impact

Vivisum enables confident business decisions by bridging the gap from customer insights to business impact.

Insight Implementation

We believe that even the most brilliant research insights are worthless unless an organization can act on them. While our innovative methods will help you to identify these brilliant insights, we don’t stop there. Instead, our ‘Insights to Impact’ process incorporates workshops, action roadmaps and accountability assurance to help you act on research insights and ensure that you derive the full value from an engagement with us.

Research (R)evolutions

We believe that best practices lead to better outcomes for our clients. That’s why we sponsor Research (R)evolutions, a community of market research professionals engaged in an ongoing dialogue to identify best practices that elevate the value of market research. Research (R)evolutions enables you to feel confident knowing that every project is infused with the collective wisdom of an ever-growing community of leading market research professionals.

Artisan Approach

We believe that creativity, agility and intimacy are critical elements in a successful client relationship. As a boutique firm, we embrace the ethos of a master craftsman and we focus on delivering brilliant work to a select group of clients. Although our artisan approach is not for everyone, it allows us to build and preserve long-term relationships with the clients that matter the most.


We believe that our work should have meaning and make an impact outside the office. That’s why we donate our time, money and expertise to organizations like community gardens, Habitat for Humanity, and Nourish International. Our commitment to philanthropy provides an alternative to traditional profit-centric professional services firms and enables our clients to participate in making a positive impact in our communities.

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