Vivisum Welcomes Jane Hardy to the Team


I could not be more excited to join the Vivisum team. From the first interview I had with Ellen, I knew this was a special place, a place that resembles the warmth of home. As week three comes to a close, I can say that my first impression was completely true. The people of Vivisum have made me feel every bit at ease and excited to be a part of this work and organization.

From day one, the vinyl words that embroider Vivisum’s entry wall and the foundation of its philosophy have struck me: Be brilliant. Be fearless. Be kind. As a marketing major in college and a social media writer for an ad agency, words are something I’ve never taken lightly. I believe Vivisum feels the same way. Their motto is not something seen on the first day then forgotten but an embodiment of their people, a group that now includes me.

Be Brilliant: I believe brilliant work to be not just work done well but work done for good. In my five years at Wake Forest University, the spirit of pro humanitate has nestled itself snuggly into my core values. Though I’ve always had a drive for philanthropy work, being surrounded by people who felt the same kindled it further. I joined a co-ed service fraternity and volunteered at the local animal shelter throughout my time at Wake. I combined my love for animals and my studies in marketing to become the Media coordinator for a black-tie fundraiser benefitting the local animal shelter for the past 4 years. There is no greater feeling than seeing how your work helps a cause you love. That will be a common feeling here too. Through the meaningful work grant and our own volunteering, Vivisum will continue to fuel that strong desire I have to work brilliantly.

Be Fearless: As the saying goes “fortune favors the bold.”  I moved 1,700 miles away from my hometown in beautiful Colorado to go to Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC, a place that said “y’all” and all tea was sweet. I took on a Master’s in Business Analytics straight out of undergrad. Now, I hope to help build Vivisum’s quant capabilities and business. Bold decisions are not new to me, nor am I afraid to make them. I believe Vivisum isn’t either based on its very foundation as a small startup.

Be Kind: As I started to write this first blog, I have struggled to put words to my first couple of weeks and how at home I’ve felt. I have been left speechless by the kindness and good-heartedness of this group of people. Their patience, intelligence, and general happy personalities have made the typical mundane Monday morning meeting something I look forward. These are the kind of co-workers and friends that make me so excited to say  “I work at Vivisum.”

Be Brilliant. Be Fearless. Be Kind.