Vivisum Welcomes Jacqueline Donofrio to the Team


I’m extremely excited to join the Vivisum team. This is a place where I already feel so welcomed after three weeks, that it’s difficult to imagine being anywhere else. I didn’t previously consider market research as a career I would excel in, but my interest has been piqued and exceeded by the fearless way Vivisum performs brilliant work.

I have been a storyteller my whole life. My process of unshelling meaning, purpose, and momentum from words has endowed me with a certain sense of knowing when opportunity strikes. In a way it feels frivolous to say that about a job. I mean, I had truly never considered myself as someone who would be comfortable with a traditional career; I’d always thought I would end up herding sheep in Switzerland or telling fortunes in a Moroccan street fair.

Finding Vivisum was like finding a new facet of myself. There I was laying out boundaries I was sure no career could ever match up with and suddenly, here I am three weeks into a job that I already, to my intense surprise, love. I knew I wanted to work somewhere flexible, but with a reliable and sensical structure. Somewhere small where I could intimately know my peers and my voice wouldn’t have to be the loudest one in the room to be heard. Somewhere I was valued and compensated not only monetarily, but emotionally and spiritually for the time I would put in.

At Vivisum, I feel heard, seen, and appreciated in ways that I never expected I would at a ‘full-time’ job. The set of values held here mirror my own and challenge me to uphold myself to great expectations. I don’t want to slip under the radar of a massive firm, I want to build a sustainable and dynamic environment where I and others can get sh*t done and do it well.

Patrick Brunell is a Director at Vivisum Partners. Patrick specializes in market research moderation and project management. Email Patrick at patrick.brunell@vivisumpartners.com