Vivisum Arts Scholarship: Courtney Campbell


Courtney Campbell, a high school sophomore from Florida, received Vivisum’s arts scholarship to attend the Commercial Dance Intensive at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. In this article, Courtney shares her first-hand experiences and the impact of the scholarship.


Hello to everyone, my name is Courtney Campbell. I love to dance, and it has been a passion of mine since I was 7 years old. During this past summer I was blessed to receive the first merit scholarship from Vivisum Partners. Because of this scholarship, I was able to attend the UNCSA Commercial Dance Intensive (CDI).

I had the privilege of dancing and training with exceptional choreographers and dancers in today’s Industry. Not only did this program allow me to grow as a dancer, it pushed me to dance styles beyond my comfort zone. The program provided an abundance of daily insights and tips in seminars that many dancers going to work in the industry do not have knowledge of.

Before going through UNCSA CDI, I had never considered New York for work on the concert side. I had not thought about being a swing dancer or performer on Broadway. However, the way that every teacher told their stories really opened my eyes to go further than just my commercial/LA dance goals.  They would each tell us about their experiences and how every side of the dance industry has its bonuses. It was very exciting to be a part of a newly developed program and it exceeded my expectations all the way around. It was well organized and high functioning, and I never found anything too confusing or complicated. During CDI, you could tell how each and every dancer had their own special qualities and the reasons they were chosen.

Being able to dance and surround myself with others who have the same amount of passion and love for dancing as me, was the best experience of all. I’m thankful for all of the instructors and friends I’ve met. Thank you Vivisum Partners for providing me with such a rewarding opportunity that I will never forget.

Dan Callahan is the Founder and President of Vivisum Partners. He specializes in creating multi-phase research programs that combine quantitative, qualitative and strategic facilitation methodologies. Email Dan at dan.callahan@vivisumpartners.com