The Ultimate Biopharma Branding Guide

Pages: 50
Published: March 2022
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The Ultimate Biopharma Branding Guide combines the collected wisdom of Vivisum Partners’ biopharmaceutical brand strategy experts who have supported dozens of drug launches over the past decade.

Market research’s influence on biopharma branding strategy has seen a paradigm shift. Biopharma brand teams across the industry, especially among biotech organizations, have implemented a research-driven approach to enhance their biopharma branding capabilities.

The process of developing a strong biopharma brand strategy leads to better outcomes when teams incorporate market research from the start. This is especially true as teams prepare for launch. From positioning to communicating product benefits, The Ultimate Biopharma Branding Guide includes detailed recommendations to develop a research-driven approach and improve your biopharma brand’s strategy. 


Vivisum Partners developed this eBook to share trends, best practices and the drivers that shape biopharma brand strategy. The eBook also highlights innovative ways that shape how drug companies develop research-driven biopharmaceutical brand strategies. It also provides detailed tactics for:

  • Brand positioning
  • Market landscape review
  • Competitor set analysis
  • Target patient profiling
  • Identifying unmet needs
  • Communicating product benefits

Biopharma Branding Questions Answered

  • How do drug companies approach the biopharma brand strategy process?
  • What is “good positioning” and how do you know when you’ve achieved it?
  • What is the difference between brand positioning and value proposition?
  • How do you identify the key elements of the market landscape?
  • What are the key questions to ask yourself when launching a new drug?
  • What is your brand’s archetype?
  • How do you position a new drug within existing treatment algorithms?
  • How do you measure return-on-investment (ROI) for your market research activities?

Summary of Strategic Biopharma Branding Insights

Biopharmaceutical marketing teams increasingly expect market researchers not only to provide insight, but also to drive organizational transformation in today’s insight-driven world. That translates to biopharma brand strategy, as well. Market research organizations within the biopharmaceutical industry have seen a shift toward taking an increased role in owning the brand strategy. Marketing teams have traditionally determined the direction that research should go. But that paradigm has changed. Market research is a critical component of any successful drug launch and accompanying brand strategy.

eBook Benefits

  • Develop brand strategies based on your drug’s archetype.
  • Convey a clear brand identity through strong positioning.
  • Launch products that connect patients to the brand.
  • Create messaging the supports the desired product use.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary – 5
  • Market Insight is Critical – 6

Connecting with Your Brand – 7

  • Biopharma Brand Positioning: Creating a Shared Language – 8
  • Biopharma Brand Positioning: The Differences Between Positioning and Value Proposition – 9
  • Positioning Concept Development – 11
  • ‘Good’ Positioning – 13
  • Key Elements of the Market Landscape – 14
  • Surveying the Market Landscape – 14

Building Effective Brands: Key Launch Questions – 16

  • Competitive Landscape – 17
  • Target Patient – 18
  • Unmet Needs – 19
  • Product Benefits – 20

What is Your Brand’s Archetype? – 21

  • Brand Archetypes: First-in-Class Therapies – 22
  • Brand Archetypes: Next-Generation Drugs – 24
  • Brand Archetypes: Me-Too Brands – 27
  • Biotech Brand Building: Audience Archetypes – 30
  • Physician-Driven Archetype – 31
  • Patient-Driven Archetype – 32
  • Payer-Driven Archetype – 33
  • Biopharma Brand Launch: Unmet Need in the Therapeutic Area – 34
  • Positioning New Products in Existing Treatment Algorithms – 35
  • Messaging That Supports The Desired Product Use – 37
  • Navigating the Labyrinth of Brand Launch – 40

That Impact of Market Research – 46

  • Supporting the Brand through Market Research – 47
  • 3 Key Elements to Delivering ROI on Market Research – 48

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