Vivisum Internship: The Journey at Hand


Overview of the Internship

I have been at Vivisum Partners for a couple of weeks and I can say my experience so far has been wonderful. I have great coworkers who take pride in educating me and explaining the ins and outs of the company. I have begun to understand why what we do is important and the impact Vivisum has on society.  

The Journey So Far

I am learning something new every day, such as SEO optimization and how this plays a critical role with the function of our website. I have also learned html coding and how to operate Microsoft 365 in a more advanced and efficient way.

Details I used to overlook are now brought to my attention and I am able to master new skills. This allows me to foster a hard work ethic and understand what it takes to produce an excellent product.

My Goals and Hopes

I’m excited to continue to learn more about market research and how it’s conducted. I look forward to contributing to this company in a positive and transformative way. I hope to learn what goes into running a company and how all departments, positions and additional operations complement each other.

I look forward to stepping outside of my comfort zone and being able to push myself to collaborate comfortably with my peers and coworkers. I have already accomplished creating a dozen website pages, implementing new PowerPoint templates, creating spreadsheets to document keywords, and optimizing/increasing website performance.  

So far this has truly been a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to the rest of my time at Vivisum. 

Jefferson Wright is a high school intern this fall at Vivisum Partners. He has experience in blog writing, website design, qualitative research, and analysis.