The Importance of Message Testing

message testing, market research, small biotech

In the fiercely competitive landscape of small biotech companies, the ability to effectively communicate a clear and compelling message is paramount. Message testing research serves as a valuable tool to improve direct communications with your target audience – both physicians and patients – and gain valuable insights into their perceptions, perspectives and preferences. 

This is the first part of a 4-blog series where we will explore the importance of different types of market research that support commercial teams’ launch strategies. In subsequent blogs, we’ll cover creative concept research, positioning research and target audience studies. Stay tuned! 

Use Message Testing to Establish Credibility

Biotech companies, especially those in their early stages, often face skepticism from physicians and patients due to the novel nature of their products and limited track record. Message testing helps shape the language and tone used to convey complex scientific concepts in a way that resonates with healthcare professionals and patients alike.

By understanding physicians’ and patients’ language preferences, biotech companies can tailor their messaging to address their target audience’s concerns and doubts. Clear and credible messaging builds trust, positioning the company as a reliable source of innovative medical solutions. Physicians are more likely to consider prescribing a new drug or therapy if the messaging provides a solid scientific foundation and emphasizes the drug’s potential benefits to patients.

Differentiate from Competitors

One of the challenges that biotech and small pharma companies face is that they often compete against well-established, highly resourced pharmaceutical giants. Message testing allows biotech companies to understand how their competitors position themselves and what messages they convey to their audience.

By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of their drug’s messaging, and how the audience perceives those messages against competitor products, biotech companies can identify unique selling points and distinguish themselves from the crowd. This insight enables them to craft messages that emphasize their key differentiators, whether it’s the drug’s mechanism of action, safety profile, efficacy, or cost-effectiveness. A well-differentiated message can give biotech companies a competitive edge and make them more memorable in the minds of physicians and patients.

Message Testing to Enhance Clinical Trial Recruitment

Clinical trials are the lifeblood of biotech companies, as they validate the efficacy and safety of their products. However, recruitment for clinical trials can be challenging, and messaging research can be instrumental in overcoming this hurdle.

Message testing helps biotech companies understand the profiles of potential trial participants. Understanding what matters most to patients and what incentivizes physicians to refer patients to trials allows companies to create tailored messages that highlight the potential benefits of participating. 

message testing, market research, small biotech

This approach can lead to higher recruitment rates and improve the overall success of the clinical trial.

Improve Product Adoption

Once a biotech company’s product receives regulatory approval, its focus shifts to gaining widespread adoption among physicians. Effective messaging research helps in understanding the key decision-making factors for healthcare providers when selecting treatments for their patients.

Physicians face various challenges, such as managing complex patient cases, navigating insurance coverage, and keeping up with the latest medical research. Messaging research enables biotech companies to align their messages with physicians’ pain points, showcasing how their product can simplify patient management, improve outcomes, or address unmet needs more effectively than existing treatments. By crafting messages that resonate with physicians and address their concerns, biotech companies increase the likelihood of product adoption and success in the market.

Elio Evangelista is a Senior Consultant at Vivisum Partners. His experience is based in in market research, benchmarking, marketing, and journalism. Email Elio at elio.evangelista@vivisumpartners.com