Research (R)evolutions Launches Consortium to Increase Market Research ROI


Vivisum’s Research (R)evolutions community has announced its second annual knowledge-sharing consortium. The free consortium, titled Insights to Impact is intended to provide corporate market researchers with rare insight into how their peers are improving returns on their research investments and advancing in their marketing careers.Participation in the consortium is free and is open to all client-side market research managers and senior executives. Individuals who are interested in participating can contact David Teter.

Specific topics covered in this year’s consortium include:

-Engaging and leading the research team through an action roadmap to implement on market research-Creating and executing an accountability plan for your team

-Increasing organizational clout by sharing insights with the C-suite and other executive leaders

Insights to Impact consortium participants will receive:

-A detailed report outlining trends, best practices and recommendations

-An invitation to the consortium findings webinar in summer 2013

-12 months of access to the 2013 consortium content archives on the Research (R)evolutions website

Vivisum founder Dan Callahan commented, “Market researchers are pushing beyond simply identifying insights, and they are increasing leading their organizations to act on those insights. This consortium will identify the best practices that researchers employ to bridge the gap between insight and implementation.”If you’d like more information about this topic or if you’d like to request an interview, please contact Shirley Stoltenberg at (919) 949-3912  or email him.

About Research (R)evolutions: Research (R)evolutions is a free, knowledge-sharing community of market research executives. Our mission is to identify the tactics and strategies that enable researchers to increase the value of market research and advance in their marketing careers. For more information about Research (R)evolutions, click here.