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Ulcerative Colitis Unmet Needs

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Published: August 2022
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Current ulcerative colitis medications leave gastroenterologists with gaps in their ability to treat UC patients. Ulcerative Colitis Unmet Needs provides a quantitative analysis of ulcerative colitis medications and existing market gaps. It also identifies the largest areas of demand among gastroenterologists. Data analysis identifies the level of satisfaction for existing ulcerative colitis medications among key clinical attributes, such as efficacy, safety and tolerability.

The current ulcerative colitis market landscape has several options to treat patients across the disease severity spectrum. Even given the multiple options available to them, large percentages of gastroenterologists are dissatisfied with current ulcerative colitis medications. This leaves significant gaps in the UC market.

The report also contains healthcare providers’ expectations for eight ulcerative colitis pipeline therapies. These data show pipeline therapies’ superiority and inferiority for specific clinical attributes.  

Overview of Gaps Among Ulcerative Colitis Medications

Though powerful ulcerative colitis medications exist, gastroenterologists identified key gaps in their treatment armamentarium. These market gaps lead to dissatisfaction with their overall treatment options. Currently, some of gastroenterologists’ highest priority needs remain unfulfilled. Some existing ulcerative colitis medications’ clinical attributes, such as safety and long-term efficacy, leave a percentage of HCPs wanting better solutions. Additionally, market access and manufacturer support for current ulcerative colitis treatments also leave a lot to be desired.

This report emphasizes ulcerative colitis market gaps and identifies emerging pipeline therapies that aim to fulfill gastroenterologists’ unmet needs. The report also identifies which pipeline therapies will compete most significantly against existing ulcerative colitis medications within these areas of highest clinical needs.

Branded Treatments Analyzed

  • Entyvio
  • Humira
  • Remicade
  • Simponi
  • Stelara
  • Uceris
  • Xeljanz
  • Zeposia

Pipeline Treatments Analyzed

  • Brazikumab
  • Cobitolimod
  • Etrasimod
  • Filgotinib
  • Guselkumab
  • Mirikizumab
  • Risankizumab
  • Upadacitinib

Strategic Questions Answered about Ulcerative Colitis Market Gaps

  • Physician Satisfaction: How satisfied are physicians with the current ulcerative colitis medications in their armamentarium?
  • Gap Analysis: Where are the biggest ulcerative colitis market gaps around key current clinical attributes, such as efficacy, safety, dosing, tolerability, access, and support?
  • Pipeline Expectations: How do physicians expect pipeline therapies to fill current ulcerative colitis market gaps in efficacy, safety, dosing, tolerability, access, and support?

Summary of Strategic Insights about Ulcerative Colitis Market Gaps

  • Among all clinical attributes, HCPs cite efficacy as the most important. Entyvio is the brand that gastroenterologists found most effective, as well as the safest and most tolerable.
  • UC treatments’ dosing also plays a significant role in gastroenterologists’ treatment decisions. Xeljanz currently offers the best dosing regimen.
  • Among pipeline ulcerative colitis treatments, upadacitinib is the most recognizable and HCPs expect it to compete with current treatments on dosing and efficacy.

Benefits of Purchasing Ulcerative Colitis Market Gaps

  • Cost-efficient data on HCPs’ ulcerative colitis unmet needs to guide commercial decisions, launch strategy and brand positioning.
  • Insights about the greatest areas of need within the current ulcerative colitis market gathered directly from in-depth interviews and surveys of more than 125 gastroenterologists
  • A complimentary 30-minute workshop with you (and your team)
  • Unlimited support from Vivisum’s ulcerative colitis strategist for 1-year.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary – 5

Research Methodology: Robust Insights from US Gastroenterologists – 6

The Strategic Six: Key Insights About Unmet Needs in the UC Marketplace – 7

Gap Analysis of UC Clinical Needs – 8

Unmet Needs Landscape – 9

    • Satisfaction with Current UC Armamentarium – 10
    • Clinical Attributes with Highest Satisfaction – 11
    • Clinical Attributes with Highest Ambivalence – 12
    • Clinical Attributes with Highest Dissatisfaction – 13
    • Importance of Attributes in Rx Decisions – 14

Brand Alignment with Unmet Needs – 15

    • Brands Best Aligned with Efficacy Needs – 16
    • Brands Best Aligned with Safety Needs – 17
    • Brands Best Aligned with Access Needs – 18
    • Brands Best Aligned with Tolerability Needs – 19
    • Brands Best Aligned with Dosing Needs – 20
    • Brands Best Aligned with Support Needs – 21
Pipeline Alignment with Unmet Needs – 22

Pipeline Product Familiarity – 23

Upadacitinib Expectations – 24

    • Upadacitinib Superiority Expectations – 25
    • Upadacitinib Parity Expectations – 26
    • Upadacitinib Inferiority Expectations – 27

Etrasimod Expectations – 28

    • Etrasimod Superiority Expectations – 29
    • Etrasimod Parity Expectations – 30
    • Etrasimod Inferiority Expectations – 31

Filgotinib Expectations – 32

    • Filgotinib Superiority Expectations – 33
    • Filgotinib Parity Expectations – 34
    • Filgotinib Inferiority Expectations – 35

Risankizumab Expectations – 36

    • Risankizumab Superiority Expectations – 37
    • Risankizumab Parity Expectations – 38
    • Risankizumab Inferiority Expectations – 39

Mirikizumab Expectations – 40

    • Mirikizumab Superiority Expectations – 41
    • Mirikizumab Parity Expectations – 42
    • Mirikizumab Inferiority Expectations – 43

Guselkumab Expectations – 44

    • Guselkumab Superiority Expectations – 45
    • Guselkumab Parity Expectations – 46
    • Guselkumab Inferiority Expectations – 47

Brazikumab Expectations – 48

    • Brazikumab Superiority Expectations – 49
    • Brazikumab Parity Expectations – 50
    • Brazikumab Inferiority Expectations – 51

Cobitolimod Expectations – 52

    • Cobitolimod Superiority Expectations – 53
    • Cobitolimod Parity Expectations – 54
    • Cobitolimod Inferiority Expectations – 55

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