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Ulcerative Colitis Rx Decision Journey

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Published: August 2022
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Between cutting edge biologics and traditional, baseline treatments, gastroenterologists have a wide range of options when it comes to ulcerative colitis treatment. As newly launched brands and pipeline treatments try to navigate the ulcerative colitis landscape, it’s helpful to understand the process that HCPs go through in order to diagnose a patient and chose the best medication for ulcerative colitis.

Ulcerative Colitis Rx Decision Journey details the process that HCPs go through in order to properly treat UC patients. The process for determining the best medication for ulcerative colitis is a journey through the critical steps that gastroenterologists take and key questions they need answered. The report describes this journey, providing markers and examples for each step of the way.

The prescriber decision journey map includes multiple stages. The report illustrates each stage and how different patients need different ulcerative colitis treatments. The qualitative research included in this report, including direct quotes from US gastroenterologists, provide key insights that support any ulcerative colitis treatment’s marketing strategy.

Overview of Ulcerative Colitis Rx Decision Journey

US gastroenterologists approach each ulcerative colitis treatment and diagnosis differently. Ulcerative Colitis Rx Decision Journey is an in-depth look at the steps healthcare providers take when making ulcerative colitis treatment decisions. The report serves as a guide through the HCPs’ decision journey for how they determine the best medication for ulcerative colitis. This strategy guide uncovers insights on why gastroenterologists make their prescription decisions.

The report focuses on the following four stages of the prescriber decision journey:

  • First visit
  • Diagnosis
  • Initial Treatment
  • Treatment switch

Top Corporate Brands in UC Analyzed

  • AbbVie
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Johnson & Johnson/Janssen
  • Pfizer
  • Eli Lilly
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • AstraZeneca
  • Galapagos
  • InDex Pharmaceuticals
  • Ferring Pharma
  • Arena Pharmaceuticals
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Strategic Questions Answered about Ulcerative Colitis Rx Decision Journey

  • Journey Milestones: What are the milestones that shape physician treatment decisions along the UC patient journey?
  • Journey Drivers: What are the common catalysts and key drivers of physician treatment decisions at each milestone in the UC journey?
  • Biopharm Brands: Which biopharm companies have the strongest brand reputation among UC prescribers?

Summary of Strategic Insights around Ulcerative Colitis Rx Decision Journey 

  • The Rx journey begins when UC symptoms begin to interfere with patients’ ability to lead fully functional lives. Symptoms also determine much of how the journey progresses.
  • AbbVie overwhelmingly received the highest reputation among surveyed Gastros for its longevity as a manufacturer of trustworthy and effective UC treatments.
  • When patients experience a flare, Gastros look induce treatment through steroids. If induction fails after treatment, this may signal the need to switch to an advanced therapy.

Benefits of Purchasing Ulcerative Colitis Rx Decision Journey

  • Cost-efficient insights about how HCPs decide upon ulcerative colitis treatment to support your strategic marketing decisions.
  • Insights drawn from in-depth interviews among global KOLs and surveys of more than 125 gastroenterologists
  • A complimentary 30-minute workshop with you (and your team)
  • Unlimited support from Vivisum’s ulcerative colitis strategist for 1-year.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary – 5
  • Research Methodology: Robust Insights from US Gastroenterologists – 6
  • The Strategic Six: Key Insights About HCPs’ Ulcerative Colitis Rx Journey – 7
  • Top Corporate Reputation in UC – 8
  • Prescriber decision journey – 9
Corporate Brand Reputations in UC – 10
  • Best Corporate Brand Reputation in UC – 11
  • AbbVie Reputation in UC – 12
  • Takeda Reputation in UC – 13
  • Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Reputation in UC – 14
  • Pfizer Reputation in UC – 15
  • Eli Lily Reputation in UC – 16
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Reputation in UC – 17
  • AstraZeneca Reputation in UC – 18
  • Galapagos in UC – 19
  • InDex Pharmaceuticals Reputation in UC – 20
  • Ferring Pharma Reputation in UC – 21
  • Arena Pharmaceuticals Reputation in UC – 22
Rx Decision Influencers – 23
  • Most Influential Factors in Rx Decision – 24
  • Least Influential Factors in Rx Decision – 25
Rx Decision Journey – 26
  • Prescriber decision journey – 27
First visit – 28
  • First Visit: Symptoms – 29
  • First Visit: Failing other treatments – 30
  • First Visit: Requiring Surgery – 31
Diagnosis – 32
  • Diagnosis: Endoscopy / Colonoscopy – 33
  • Diagnosis: Biopsy / Histology – 34
  • Diagnosis: Bloodwork – 35
  • Diagnosis: Stool tests – 36
  • Diagnosis: Mayo score and Disease Activity Index (DAI) – 37
  • Diagnosis: Montreal classification – 38
Initial treatment – 39
  • Initial treatment: Severity – 40
  • Initial treatment: Location of disease – 41
  • Initial treatment: ROA preference – 42
  • Initial treatment: Lifestyle impact – 43
  • Initial treatment: Previous treatments – 44
  • Initial treatment: Insurance access – 45
Treatment switch – 46
  • Treatment Switch: Failed induction – 47
  • Treatment Switch: Primary-non response – 48
  • Treatment Switch: Secondary non-response – 49
  • Treatment Switch: Side effects – 50
  • Treatment Switch: Payer protocol – 51

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