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Ulcerative Colitis Brand Personalities and Emotional Benefits

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Published: August 2022
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Between cutting edge biologics and traditional, baseline treatments, gastroenterologists perceive their UC treatment options differently. As newly launched brands and pipeline treatments try to navigate the ulcerative colitis landscape, it’s helpful to understand HCPs’ perceptions and the individual personalities of each existing brand.

Ulcerative Colitis Brand Personalities and Emotional Benefits details the unique personalities of eight branded UC products. The ulcerative colitis brand archetypes of each drug differ from one another, but some also share similarities among surveyed gastroenterologists. The report describes those differences and each brand’s unique emotional perceptions.

Multiple archetypes compose each ulcerative colitis brand personality. The report illustrates each brand’s collection of archetypes and how they combine to form the brand’s unique personality. Highlighted with direct quotes form US gastroenterologists, this report provides valuable market insights that will inform any ulcerative colitis brand’s launch strategy.

Overview of Ulcerative Colitis Brand Personalities

US gastroenterologists approach each ulcerative colitis brand differently. Ulcerative Colitis Emotional Brand Personalities breaks down how healthcare providers perceive each UC brand’s unique personality. These personality profiles uncover insights on why gastroenterologists make their treatment decisions.

The report focuses on how US gastroenterologists’ perceive UC brand personalities along the following archetypes:

  • The Innocent
  • The Everyman
  • The Hero
  • The Caregiver
  • The Explorer
  • The Rebel
  • The Lover
  • The Creator
  • The Jester
  • The Sage
  • The Magician
  • The Ruler

Branded Treatments Analyzed

  • Stelara
  • Humira
  • Remicade
  • Simponi
  • Stelara
  • Uceris
  • Xeljanz
  • Zeposia

Strategic Questions Answered about Ulcerative Colitis Brand Personalities

  • Brand Character: What is the unique personality of current ulcerative colitis brands?
  • Emotional Perceptions: How do physicians feel about current ulcerative colitis brands? What emotions do HPCs feel to different UC brands?
  • Treatment Ideal: Which brands most closely align with physicians’ ‘ideal’ ulcerative colitis therapy?

Summary of Strategic Insights around Ulcerative Colitis Brand Personalities

  • As a leading UC treatment, gastroenterologists perceive Humira to be trustworthy, reliable and to get the job done. HCPs associate Humira most often with the caregiver or everyman personality.
  • With its long history and as the first biologic treatment for UC, gastroenterologists generally perceive Remicade as a respected, well-researched treatment that they have great confidence in.
  • Xeljanz’ safety profile distresses some HCPs. They approach Xeljanz with caution and apprehension, but with some noted benefits. For these reasons, gastroenterologists likened Xeljanz’ brand personality to the magician, ruler and rebel.

Benefits of Purchasing Ulcerative Colitis Brand Personalities

  • Cost-efficient insights about ulcerative colitis brand personalities to support your strategic marketing decisions.
  • Insights drawn from in-depth interviews among global KOLs and surveys of more than 125 gastroenterologists
  • A complimentary 30-minute workshop with you (and your team)
  • Unlimited support from Vivisum’s ulcerative colitis strategist for 1-year.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary – 5

Research Methodology: Robust Insights from US Gastros – 6
Ulcerative Colitis Brand Personality Methodology – 7
The Strategic Six: Key Insights About Emotional Personalities of UC Brands – 8
Ulcerative Colitis Brand Personalities and Archetypes – 9
UC Brand Personalities – 10

Entyvio Brand Personality – 11
  • Entyvio Brand Archetypes – 12
  • Entyvio: Hero Personality – 13
  • Entyvio: Sage Personality – 14
  • Entyvio: Caregiver Personality – 15
  • Entyvio: Everyman Personality – 16
Humira Brand Personality – 17
  • Humira Brand Archetypes – 18
  • Humira: Caregiver Personality – 19
  • Humira: Everyman Personality –20
Stelara Brand Personality – 21
  • Stelara Brand Archetypes – 22
  • Stelara: Sage Personality – 23
  • Stelara: Everyman Personality –24
Remicade Brand Personality – 25
  • Remicade Brand Archetypes – 26
  • Remicade: Sage Personality – 27
  • Remicade: Explorer Personality – 28
  • Remicade: Ruler Personality – 29
  • Remicade: Everyman Personality – 30
  • Remicade: Creator Personality – 31
Xeljanz Brand Personality – 32
  • Xeljanz Brand Archetypes – 33
  • Xeljanz: Ruler Personality – 34
  • Xeljanz: Magician Personality – 35
  • Xeljanz: Rebel Personality – 36
Zeposia Brand Personality – 37
  • Zeposia Brand Archetypes – 38
  • Zeposia: Rebel Personality – 39
  • Zeposia: Everyman Personality – 40
Simponi Brand Personality – 41
  • Simponi Brand Archetype – 42
  • Simponi: Caregiver Personality – 43
Uceris Brand Personality – 44
  • Uceris Brand Archetype – 45
  • Uceris Rebel Personality – 46

Contact – 47

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