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Entyvio Ulcerative Colitis Brand Landscape

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Published: August 2022
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Entyvio Ulcerative Colitis Brand Landscape provides detailed analysis of Entyvio’s impact on the UC market. This brand navigator report on Entyvio provides an in-depth look at a key treatment for ulcerative colitis patients. With Entyvio ulcerative colitis patients have a critical tool to treat not only their flares but also potentially provide a long-term solution.

As part of the Ulcerative Colitis Market Landscape, this brand navigator also includes insights gathered directly from US gastroenterologists. No other market research report available includes as much in-depth information about Entyvio, it’s clinical brand attributes, target patient profile, competitive outlook and much more.

This primary research report allows you to identify Entyvio’s clinical strengths and weaknesses compared to competitor treatments. With the Entyvio Ulcerative Colitis Brand Landscape, you’ll have:

  • Insights from more than 125 US gastroenterologists
  • A robust analysis of Entyvio’s brand value
  • A deep understanding of its place in the UC marketplace
  • HCP perceptions and prescribing habits for Entyvio
Entyvio ulcerative colitis, ulcerative colitis market research
Entyvio ulcerative colitis, ulcerative colitis market research
entyvio ulcerative colitis, takeda corporate reputation, ulcerative colitis market research
Entyvio ulcerative colitis, Entyvio brand personality, ulcerative colitis market research

Strategic Questions Answered about the Entyvio Ulcerative Colitis Brand Landscape

  • Rx trends: Do physicians expect future Entyvio usage to increase vs. decrease?
  • Patient selection: What characteristics identify typical Entyvio patients?
  • Competitive landscape: Which brands compete most often with Entyvio?
  • Clinical perceptions: How do physicians perceive Entyvio’s clinical profile?
  • Brand persona: How do physicians perceive Entyvio’s brand persona?

Summary of Strategic Insights from Entyvio Ulcerative Colitis Brand Landscape

  • Entyvio is perceived as the most ideal and most efficacious UC treatment with the most favorable safety profile
  • Entyvio patients are likely to have already failed one biologic and seek another treatment option. HCPs may also prescribe it to biologic naïve patients
  • Although Entyvio is a more recent entrant into the UC marketplace, Takeda has built a strong reputation among Gastros due to its emphasis on safety, efficacy and access

Benefits of Purchasing the Entyvio Ulcerative Colitis Brand Landscape

  • Cost-efficient insights about how Entyvio’s position in the ulcerative colitis market impacts your strategic marketing decisions.
  • Insights drawn from in-depth interviews among global KOLs and surveys of more than 125 gastroenterologists
  • A complimentary 30-minute workshop with you (and your team)
  • Unlimited support from Vivisum’s ulcerative colitis strategist for 1-year.

Table of Contents

Entyvio through the PHYCURE Lens – 5
Clinical Brand Attributes – 6
  • Most Ideal UC Brands – 7
  • Least Ideal UC Brands – 8
  • Most Efficacious UC Brands – 9
  • Least Efficacious UC Brands – 10
  • Most Favorable Safety Profile Among UC Brands – 11
  • Least Favorable Safety Profile Among UC Brands – 12
  • Easiest Dosing Among UC Brands – 13
  • Most Challenging Dosing Among UC Brands – 14
  • Best Tolerability Among UC Brands – 15
  • Worst Tolerability Among UC Brands – 16
  • Best Access Among UC Brands – 17
  • Worst Access Among UC Brands – 18
  • Best Support Among UC Brands – 19
  • Worst Support Among UC Brands – 20
Entyvio Patient Profile – 21
  • Entyvio ‘Typical’ Patient Summary – 22
  • Entyvio Patient: ‘Typical’ Disease Severity – 23
  • Entyvio Patient: ‘Typical’ Treatment History – 24
  • Entyvio Patient: ‘Typical’ Lifestyle – 25
  • Entyvio Patient: ‘Typical’ Treatment Adherence – 26
  • Entyvio Patient: ‘Typical’ Comorbidities – 27
Takeda Corporate Reputation – 28
  • Best Corporate Brand Reputation in UC – 29
  • Takeda Reputation in UC – 30
Entyvio Top Brand Competitors – 31
  • Entyvio’s Top Competitors – 32
  • Entyvio Brand Competitor Prescribing Patterns – 33
  • Entyvio Brand Competitor Rational Perceptions – 34
  • Entyvio Competitor Emotional Brand Personalities – 35
  • Entyvio Brand Competitor Target Patient Profile – 36
Entyvio Clinical Brand Profile – 37
  • Analysis of Entyvio as an Ideal Brand – 38
  • Entyvio Strengths – 39
  • Entyvio Weaknesses – 40
  • Entyvio Summary – 41
Entyvio Brand Personality – 42
  • Entyvio Brand Personalities – 43
  • Entyvio: Hero Personality – 44
  • Entyvio: Sage Personality – 45
  • Entyvio: Caregiver Personality – 46
  • Entyvio: Everyman Personality – 47
Contact – 48

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