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Bafiertam Multiple Sclerosis Brand Landscape

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Published: October 2022
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Bafiertam Multiple Sclerosis Brand Landscape provides detailed analysis of Bafiertam’s impact on the MS market. This brand navigator provides an in-depth look at Bafiertam’s brand value for multiple sclerosis patients and the HCPs who treat them. With Bafiertam, neurologists have a critical tool to treat relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.

The report includes market insights gathered directly from US neurologists. No other multiple sclerosis brand research available includes as much in-depth information about Bafiertam, it’s clinical brand attributes, target patient profile, competitive outlook and much more.

The primary research included in this brand navigator allows you to identify Bafiertam’s clinical strengths and weaknesses compared to competitor treatments. With the Bafiertam Multiple Sclerosis Brand Landscape, you’ll have:

  • Insights from more than 125 US neurologists
  • A robust analysis of Bafiertam’s brand value
  • A beneficial examination of neurologists’ perceptions of Bafiertam’ strengths and weaknesses
  • A deep understanding of Bafiertam’ place in the MS marketplace
  • HCP perceptions and prescribing habits for Bafiertam

Strategic Questions Answered about the Bafiertam Multiple Sclerosis Brand Landscape

  • Rx trends: Do neurologists expect Bafiertam usage to increase vs. decrease in the next 12 months?
  • Patient selection: What are some typical characteristics of the ideal Bafiertam patient?
  • Competitive landscape: Which existing MS brands compete best against Bafiertam?
  • Clinical perceptions: What is the perception of Bafiertam’ clinical profile?
  • Brand persona: What elements of Bafiertam’ brand personality ring true for neurologists?

Summary of Strategic Insights from Bafiertam Multiple Sclerosis Brand Landscape

  • Bafiertam has few strong competitors, but Vumerity is seen as its number one competitor.
  • Bafiertam, manufactured by Banner Life Sciences, is seen as having better efficacy than Tecfidera and Ponvory.
  • Given Bafiertam’s low overall patient share, Banner Lifesciences may fly under the radar for most Neuros.

Benefits of Purchasing the Bafiertam Multiple Sclerosis Brand Landscape

  • Cost-efficient primary research analyzing how Bafiertam’s position in the multiple sclerosis market impacts other brand’s strategic marketing decisions.
  • Insights drawn from in-depth interviews among US KOLs and surveys of more than 125 neurologists
  • A complimentary 30-minute workshop with you (and your team)
  • Unlimited support from Vivisum’s multiple sclerosis strategist for 1-year.

Table of Contents

Clinical Brand Attributes – 5
  • Most Ideal MS Brands – 6
  • Least Ideal MS Brands – 7
  • Most Efficacious MS Brands – 8
  • Least Efficacious MS Brands – 9
  • Most Favorable Safety Profile Among MS Brands – 10
  • Least Favorable Safety Profile Among MS Brands – 11
  • Easiest Dosing Among MS Brands – 12
  • Most Challenging Dosing Among MS Brands – 13
  • Best Tolerability Among MS Brands – 14
  • Worst Tolerability Among MS Brands – 15
  • Best Access Among MS Brands – 16
  • Worst Access Among MS Brands – 17
  • Best Support Among MS Brands – 18
  • Worst Support Among MS Brands – 19
Banner Life Sciences Corporate Reputation – 20
  • Best Corporate Brand Reputation in MS – 21
  • Banner Life Sciences Reputation in MS – 22
Bafiertam Top Brand Competitors – 23
  • Bafiertam’s Top Competitors – 24
  • Bafiertam Brand Competitor Prescribing Patterns – 25
  • Bafiertam Brand Competitor Rational Perceptions – 26
  • Bafiertam Competitor Emotional Brand Personalities – 27
Bafiertam Clinical Brand Profile – 28
  • Analysis of Bafiertam as an Ideal Brand – 29
  • Bafiertam Strengths – 30
  • Bafiertam Weaknesses – 31
  • Bafiertam Summary – 32
Bafiertam Brand Personality – 33
  • Bafiertam Brand Personalities – 34
  • Bafiertam: Caregiver Personality – 35
  • Bafiertam: Everyman Personality – 36

Contact – 37

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