This year has changed Vivisum as a company. We started off strong and slowly fell prey to the same uncertainty that comes with remote work that many of our peers have had to face. No one could have predicted the direction this year would take us in. We had to adjust and fast, going from being a predominantly in-person research firm to completing all of our work online was a hard pivot and one that came with growing pains.


As the months passed, we got better at working from home. We got better at optimizing our research in general. What started as hard, forced growth turned out to be something that was good for our company. We had to look harder at what we value and shave away the things that no longer served us in our new reality.


The toughest tests of leadership are still to come, continuing to project Vivisum’s values out into the world from the other side of a screen is difficult, but it is always worth it. Dealing with 2020 has been different for every individual and business, recovery will look different too. We are unaware of what the future holds, but now more than ever we are grateful for what we have. We are grateful for our colleagues, friends, and family who have all come together to support us during this uncertain time. There is so much that we cannot take for granted, and so much we want to give back to our community and clients in the years to come.


Happy Holidays from the Vivisum team, we’ll see you next year!

Patrick Brunell is an Director at Vivisum Partners.

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