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Research (R)evolutions discovers and shares the innovations that enable researchers to elevate the value of market research. This year’s consortium is focused on Big Data.

Big Data’s Impact on Market Research

Big data is a powerful marketing tool that has triggered important conversations among the market research community: Is big data an opportunity or a threat for the market research professional? How will big data shape the future of market research? Vivisum’s 2015 Research (R)evolutions consortium “The Role of Big Data in Identifying Market Insights” will explore these topics and provide participants with the opportunity to share with and learn from each other. For more information about participating in this year’s consortium contact Patrick Brunell at If you would like to learn more about Big Data click here.

About Research (R)evolutions

Research (R)evolutions is a knowledge sharing community of market research professionals facilitated by Vivisum Partners. The goal of this community is to share best practices that increase the value of market research and enable researchers to advance in their careers. Participation in the consortium helps client-side researchers deliver better value to their companies and increase market research return on investment.Our annual consortium brings together market research thought leaders from commercial, academic, and agency environments to explore a key trend and its implications for the market research industry. Participants receive a detailed report outlining the trends, best practices, and recommendations from this diverse community.

How will big data affect market research?

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