Knowledge Assessment for Biopharma Brands

The PHYCURE Diagnostic

Vivisum developed the PHYCURE diagnostic as a tool to assess biopharma brand knowledge across seven strategic dimensions. PHYCURE enables brand teams and market insight teams to:

  • Quickly synthesize existing brand knowledge
  • Pinpoint knowledge gaps
  • Prioritize ‘must know’ vs. ‘nice to know’ questions about your brand

What You’ll Receive from the Assessment

After completing the assessment, you will receive a custom action plan including:

  • Summary of existing brand knowledge across PHYCURE dimensions
  • Benchmarks comparing your team’s brand knowledge vs. biopharma peers
  • Recommendations to fill critical brand knowledge gaps

What is PHYCURE?

Vivisum’s PHYCURE blueprint synthesizes biopharma brand knowledge across seven strategic dimensions:

  • Patient Target
  • HCP Target
  • Yes Journey
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Unmet Needs
  • Rational Benefits
  • Emotional Benefits

Start the PHYCURE Diagnostic

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