Comprehensive Research for Pharma Launch

Brand Builder provides customized, comprehensive and consultative market research to support pharma launch.


The pharma launch process involves a number of critical strategic decisions. Brand Builder is an integrated program that combines qualitative, quantitative and strategic planning techniques to support brand development from Phase II through launch. Our solution provides market insights to support critical positioning, messaging and collateral development decisions.


Brand Builder includes a diagnostic evaluation and a modular framework that enables us to tailor research to your brand and your budget. Our diagnostic approach analyzes your brand across five key dimensions and customizes pharma launch market research based on your brand’s unique character.


As experienced researchers and pharmaceutical marketers, Vivisum understands the complexities of the pharma launch process. Rather than simply gathering insights, we place insights into a strategic context and work collaboratively to optimize your brand.

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PHYCURETM Strategic Framework

Brand Builder uses Vivisum Partner’s proprietary PHYCURETM framework to guide clients through a custom research solutions. There are seven PHYCURETM dimensions in which every successful biopharma brand team should comprehend before launch. 

Brand Launch Roadmap

Download our article which outlines our unique approach to brand launch research.