My Transition To Vivisum: Jason Nelson

My Transition To Vivisum: Jason Nelson

Aligning purpose and opportunity

From paper and packaging manufacturing to economic development, my career has spanned the worlds of corporate America, nonprofits, international development, and state government. Despite the changes in scenery, a few things have remained consistent. For example, the opportunity to create and lead projects, the chance to engage with a diverse set of thinkers and doers, and environments fostering intellectual curiosity.


When presented with the opportunity to join Vivisum Partners and enter the world of market research consulting, I recognized a unique chance. As a values-driven organization, Vivisum is a place where purpose and opportunity align.  Increasingly, it’s been important for me to align my core values with my day-to-day work:

  • Integrity – honesty, sincerity, trustworthiness, fairness;
  • Continuous Learning – lifelong growth, exploration, and personal development;
  • Adventure – daring, bold activity; and
  • Respect – for the work and institutions in which I’m engaged.


At Vivisum, the core of our business is conducting market research and providing actionable insights enabling clients to maximize returns on their investments. Moreover, the foundation upon which this core rests is where purpose and opportunity align [for me and my career]. Vivisum is driven by an ethos to be fearless, brilliant, and kind. Though simple in presentation, these three elements remind me to approach day-to-day work and client engagement with an adventurous spirit, a vigorous thirst for knowledge, and a sincere respect for all people.


What’s most exciting is exploring the unknown and yet to be discovered. Rarely has my career path merged opportunity for growth with purpose and intentionality. This is a definitive moment in time for me personally and professionally. It’s a moment for me to live and work fearlessly, brilliantly, and with an undying kindness. Welcome to Vivisum Partners!

Email Jasonat jason.nelson@vivisumpartners.com