Fostering a Community Through Difficult Times

Fostering a Community Through Difficult Times

Through adversity comes strength. It is in times like this where you feel the genuine connection with people in the community and foster important bonds through strife. Over the past few weeks, we have experienced new circumstances that have impacted the world. However, through this unusual and difficult time, there is an underlining opportunity to establish or rebuild relationships with the community. Through this pandemic lies the opportunity to strengthen social morale and offer support through crisis.

As we continue to navigate together through this strange journey, consider the following areas when interacting with your community members.

Be a Good Neighbor.
Small things can have the biggest impact. Give someone a compliment; smile while greeting someone; make eye contact a habit; Call to check in on neighbors. These small gestures not only help to make someone else’s day, but it also feels great to make a genuine effort.

Social Responsibility.
Reaffirm your involvement with your community. Locate initiatives that make a positive impact on your community and create an opportunity to stay involved with social responsibility projects. Stimulate community members to get engaged with local initiatives that help benefit the most vulnerable. Community insight outreach can be a tool to reduce the impact of the health crisis while sharing health prevention content.

Stay Positive.
There are times in life when something monumental happens. However, we as a community must persist and continue to live life. When everything seems tough around you, remember the lyrics from the great Bob Marley, ‘don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright.’ Spread the feeling of unity and remain positive with your community. Remember to be kind, laugh more, and know this too shall pass.

As you safely interact with your community throughout the next weeks, consider being a good neighbor, understand your social responsibility, and continue to stay positive.

Bria Berry-Holly is a Senior Associate at Vivisum Partners. She specializes in understanding business needs while leveraging data to define strategy and focus on quality delivery. Email Bria at bria.berry@vivisumpartners.com