Vivisum recently conducted a self-funded research study to understand the personalities of major technology brands under the FAANG acronym: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. Our team used this research to explore two main questions:

• What personalities do consumers associate with each brand?
• Which experiences are most influential in shaping brand perceptions?

When it comes to Apple, users feel a sense of brand loyalty to its aesthetic features and modern hardware. This adherence to simplicity is occasionally overshadowed by users’ fear of data collection.

Those with positive notions associate Apple with the characters of Spock and Dory. Users view Apple’s interface as empowering and useful. Seamless innovation and integration remind users of Spock’s ability to recall and use knowledge at ease. Others see Apple as Dory; their definition of aesthetics and uniqueness recalls Dory’s fun individuality. These traits conjure feelings of brand loyalty and keep users coming back for more Apple products to integrate into their lives.

Alternately, users believe there are aspects of Apple that are manipulative in nature like Ursula or Darth Vader. Users sometimes feel that Apple is taking advantage of them for their data like the scheming Ursula or pulling people into their worldview like Darth Vader.

Although some are worried about Apple’s use of their personal information, most view its iconic products as integral in their lives and technology use. Most believe that the usability and interface of Apple’s products far outweigh their worries, giving them the experience they are promised.


Patrick Brunell is an Director at Vivisum Partners.

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