FAANG Self Funded Study: Amazon


Vivisum recently conducted a self-funded research study to understand the personalities of major technology brands under the FAANG acronym: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. Our team used this research to explore two main questions:

• What personalities do consumers associate with each brand?
• Which experiences are most influential in shaping brand perceptions?

When it comes to Amazon, users are charmed by its quick and comprehensive services, but often worry for the futures of small businesses that may be overshadowed by the media giant.
Those with positive notions associate Amazon with the characters of Yoda and Spencer Reid. Both of these characters are perceived as efficient and intuitive, leading users to connect them with Amazon’s effective power in retail. Others see Amazon as Dory, possessing many odds and ends that might not be available through other retailers. These traits leave shoppers coming back for more, Amazon’s simplicity, variety, and low prices give it a tantalizing staying power.

Conversely, users feel there are aspects of Amazon that are predatory like the character Jordan Belfort, responsible for swindling small mom and pop shops out of their customer base. Amazon can also be dominating like Darth Vader, no one can compete with its product selection which suggests Darth Vader’s desire to take over the world and remake it in his image.

Although some are worried about Amazon’s size relative to the market, users mainly find it to be an innovative and useful tool that has changed the way they shop. Most are hopeful that Amazon will continue to harness its variety and customer service to give them optimal experiences.


Patrick Brunell is a Director at Vivisum Partners. Patrick specializes in market research moderation and project management. Email Patrick at patrick.brunell@vivisumpartners.com